Urban Planning of Department of N. Mesolakia

Urban Planning of Department of N. Mesolakkia

Urban Planning Study of the Municipal District of N. Mesolakkia, Municipality of Amphipolis, , prefecture of Serres

The Urban Planning study of the Municipal District of N. Mesolakkia was assigned with the main purpose of the reconsideration of the approved urban plan, and its adaptation to the created existing condition of the buildings-properties, and the urban planning of the area not covered by building plans, which is included in the demarcated boundaries of the under 2000 habitants rural settlement.

The Urban Study was also adjusted to the requirements of SHOOAP (Open City Special and Housing Organization Plan) of Amphipolis, which predicts that the settlement of N. Mesolakkia will be a touristic receptor of the area, due to the existence of the archeological site and the future development of the port of Amphipolis. Certain proposals, such as the preservation and the demarcation of the green areas, the adequacy of communal spaces, the providence for entertainment venues, the development of a network of cycle routes and the segregation of pedestrian and vehicle mobility, update the function and the character of the settlement.