Central Gate at Thessaloniki Port

Central Gate at Thessaloniki Port


Budget: –

Area: Port of Thessaloniki

CENTRAL GATE of Thessaloniki Port

The architectural proposal aims to upgrade the central gate of the port to a nice pedestrian walking area “strip” in front of the central gate of the port. A key element is the absence vertical construction elements (including lighting) in order for the passengers to have a clear view of the historic listed building passenger port station. The proposal aim is to protect pedestrians from transit vehicles creating a plain green zone in between, while offering a nice passage to the plaza in front of the port station. The linearity is a key concept element and it is emphasized by luminant strips on the floor in combination with marbles strips in a stone block mosaic floor. The materials suggested in order to achieve maximum absorbency of soil managing successfully drainage problems of the area. Led lighting is proposed to all lighting sources and the required energy covered by photovoltaic arrays on rooftops of warehouses in the port.