Recration area in Toumpa Thessaloniki

Recreation Area in Toumpa Thessaloniki


Competition project

The project “Reformatting Open spaces in Toumpa” aims to introduce the concept of neighborhood organization, based on urban, social, functional and environmental transformations, as a developing of a unified system of pedestrian circulation, merged with open spaces and social equipment.

The proposal addresses mostly the issue of open spaces’ integration and the division of functions and activities, in the existing urban net. In order to “celebrate” this existing unification, became clear the need for a prompt and radical change in the traffic system of the area. Kleanthous street – a primary car street which cut the site in half –is proposed as an underground one way street, transforming the ground level to a large open space, available for new uses.

The connection between the study area, the peripheral canal and the local hill, consists an effort for reorganizing the existing excavation sites and make them accessible to public.

Across this progress, a series of subsequent linear elements are developed, responding each to the different aspects and features of the individual unity they belong – for example, some of them improve the traffic circulation, while others act as rest areas.

This axis is enhanced with the design of an underground market in a road – square model. The construction of a landmark, located on the cross section of mapping defines the “peak” of this movement. Secondary routes, perpendicular to the main axis, ensure constant connection to the city net, while they integrate the open spaces on its either side.

Moreover, the project includes a complete organizational plan for the traffic control of the area, providing 950 car seats underneath the stadium area, proposing traffic adjustments and plans for optimizing traffic circulation.

This proposal deals with existing problems, future demands, gives answers to future problems; it incorporates the area in the existing urban net, where the area is integrating into an important node in the city.  

Associated team:
1. Koumoundourou Euthimia, Architect
2. Patsioura Zoi, Architect
3. Raidis Dimitris, Architect – Urban Planner