Maison House in Thermi

Maison House in Thermi


Budget: 300.000€


Design and construction of two houses in Thermi, Thessaloniki. The project includes two individual residences, 210 m2 each, developed in three levels – basement, ground floor and floor. The living room, the kitchen and a guest room are situated on the ground floor, while on the first floor there are three more bedrooms.

The two residences are of a similar design and “mirror” to each other. A conceptual element is their “dividing” wall, which is extended beyond building’s boundaries, covered with stone. Because of its thickness (40 cm) it can the wall separates the houses and ensures them privacy, it receives all the necessary engineering facilities, while it also serves as an aesthetic face element.

Main characteristics of the architectural design are functional simplicity and minimalism. Employing a contemporary vocabulary, large openings are formed, while parts of the building in projection are also covered with  stone, completing the synthesis.

In the interior, special design applied to master bedroom, in which private bathroom and a dressing unit are included.