Design and construction of a model maison house in Thessaloniki suburb, in Kallikratia. It is a residence of 150m2, including a living room and kitchen on the ground floor and 4 bedrooms (two in the mezzanine and two in the first floor), while the basement is organized as a leisure area equipped with Jacuzzi.

The residence is mainly developed in three levels, with a part of the ground floor being transformed to the intermediate mezzanine level. Reversing the traditional levels’ relationship in a flat land, the internal mezzanine seems to be the ground floor on the west elevation of the building.

A close relationship is also established between the interior space and outdoors, through large openings in the living room and the design of a small three-sided atrium on the south side of the house.
This three–parted interior structure – clearly obvious in intersection plan - is also reflected to building’s face, as individual rectangular tumors that list, overlap or protrude, according to the case, are created.

Especially, face design brings together contemporary architectural elements as dynamic concrete frames with traditional forms as plaster joints in grid.