Design Ethos


Architecture and planning business is an extremely peculiar  and complex profession. We are appointed to imagine, deliver, design and construct spaces and forms, that intermix and influence  altogether the human future reality

Dimitris Raidis studied architecture  at Kingston University where he got his degree in 1997 with distinction . He continued his postgraduate studies in Bartlett University College London, since 2000, with specialty on sustainable architecture and urban design.

In 2003 he graduated of the postgraduate studies course in “Development and Urban planning” at  UCL. During the period 2000-2003 and he  participates in design process  of  small and large building projects of small practices especially in association with Sempsi Office.From 2003 he operates as an associate and design director of Sempsi Office in Thessaloniki Greece. On 2007 the office rebrands into Sempsi+Raidis architects and planners, while they complete number of Maison design, building design, awarded competitions, building constructions and planning projects in the Greek region. On 2013 he established with his partner Alexandros Kouloukouris a new design studio KARD architects with distinct orientation contemporary design.

From 2010 he is a member of the board of directors of the Greek International Business Association (SEVE) managing a work group for green development.

From 2011 until 2014 and from 2016 onwards, he is been a  member of the planning & spatial planning committee for the Technical Chamber of Greece, in North Greece.