Area: 250 sqm
Budget 580.000€

Design and construction of a model mason house in Moudania in a complex of 4 houses. A close relationship is established between the interior space and outdoors, through large openings,  the ground floor is joined with the corner terrace, overlooking the sea.

It is a residence of 240 m2, including an open living room. The residence developed in two levels, where the communal spaces are  on the ground floor , while the  bedrooms and office are onthe first floor. The concept design and the detail design carried out parallel to the construction. And completed in 5months. All furniture design manufacture as well as interior design was carried out by the office meeting the high requirements and the need which were set from the beginning. For the landscape , have been designed  2 swimming pools, sitting areas, BBQ area with separate kitchen and bathroom and the guard's house. Specific study has been conducted for the plantings and the lighting of the exterior.